Shades of Strong

join us in REDEFINING THE Strong Black womaN

… because being strong is not binary. You can be doing this and that simultaneously. You can be resilient and still have moments when you’re falling apart at the seams. You can be vocally resolute while refusing to accept the nonsense being hurled at you in (and out of) the workplace. You can be a natural nurturer while not putting your needs on the back burner. You can do and be all the things while still embracing your humanness.

If you’re ready to throw the Strong Black Woman trope back at all the people who are constantly throwing it at you, you’re in the right place at the right time.

Welcome to Shades of Strong

Here’s where we’re showcasing and celebrating the strength, resilience and CONTINUAL EVOLUTION OF THE STRONG BLACK WOMAN.  The SOS Queendom is the shero you never knew you needed.  We hold Black women accountable with love — accountable for how we see ourselves, treat ourselves, walk through the world, and how we allow others to treat us. Our strong comes in many shades, our bounce back game is unparalleled and we are brilliantly magical in a world that often seeks to silence us.  We’re bringing all of that to the forefront by simply basking in the awesomeness that is the Strong Black Woman, and we would love to have you join on this life altering journey.

Here in the Queendom We Dance to the Beat of Our Own Strong

Amber Hubbard

My Strong is not being afraid to
let go of what no longer
serves me.

Michelle Goodloe

My Strong is recognizing my worth
is not determined by what I do,
but who I am.
G -Michelle

Lakeisha Carter

My Strong is my sensitivity.
I was created this way on purpose
It’s my superpower.

Ife Madzimoyo

My Strong is learning
to accept all parts
of me unconditionally

Angela Roulette

My Strong is not “strong” 
all the time and I’m okay with that.
I cry. I feel. I heal.

Trezelle Morgain

My Strong is standing up
in my vulnerability and knowing
that it’s not a weakness.

“My Strong Is” Feature

“… this is a trumped up image of the Strong Black Woman and I do think that is killing us emotionally and mentally because we become so afraid of falling short of this image, of this standard that society has set for us, that we’ve set for ourselves…”

My Strong Is HONEST

 Chelsea Wallace 

Shades of Strong

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