“Black women ain’t out here angry for nothing!”

Ife Madzimoyo hit the nail on head with this one.  As a matter of fact (in my honest opinion), no truer words have ever been spoken. So, Natty and I invited the Queen of emotional wellness [for black women] to join us at the table to see if together we could shed some light on why black women are so angry.

…and boy did we!  Y’all know how Iyanla Vanzant is always saying “call a thing a thing”? 

Oh! My Gosh!  We did that!  We unpacked so much goodness in this one episode and there’s still so much more to unpack. 


… and it all started with one (“LOADED”) question,


“When you hear the words,
angry black woman what’s the first thing that comes to mind?”

The responses ranged from “a very flippant way of attempting to control someone”  to “extremely dismissive”. But that doesn’t even scratch the surface of just how deep this conversation goes.

We talked about the internal (how we may have inadvertently taken on the title of the angry black woman ourselves), as well as the external label (how this label has been placed on us by the white/eurocentric, dominant culture).

We then went on to chat it up about internalized oppression, our ancestors and how they expressed or didn’t express anger (or any emotion), and how that contributes to how we express our emotions.

And if that wasn’t enough, we went there with how the “we are not our ancestors” memes are completely disrespectful to those who fought with valor, as well as to those who often remained silent in the name of survival.  

We then wrapped it all up with how we can support each other physically, spiritually and emotionally while building and growing together.

Seriously, this conversation could have gone on for days and we still wouldn’t have unpacked everything.  

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