Lynetter Bradshaw on Emotional Freedom

I am not my hair!!  That’s the tune Lynette Bradshaw is singing as she holds on tight to her emotional freedom while sharing her story of how losing her hair sent her into hiding and how it took her embracing her vulnerabilities and facing her fears head on to move out of that space into a space of freedom and wholeness. 

Lynette shares how she always had problems with her hair not growing, not being healthy, bald spots on the sides of my head and being bullied for it. In 2014 she lost all her hair and her heard herself  scream as if someone had died.

I looked in the mirror and saw the ugly little girl I was. I saw the ugly teenager the bullies talked about and teased daily. I had to ask God to show me how to love the woman I was then, but I realized I didn’t love the woman with hair.

But Lynette didn’t let the loss keep her stuck in bondage.  She took the necessary steps to set herself free by getting to the root cause of what robbed her of her emotional freedom.   

In her search for emotional freedom, she landed on the “steps” of her parent’s front porch where she felt like  they didn’t want her, didn’t need her, didn’t love her which lead to years of depression.  

Lynette details how her emotional freedom was destroyed by being called”a bald headed heifer” by her mom.  

But she also details how she stared her “BULLY” (aka her fear) in the face and took back her emotional freedom. 

If you’re struggling with finding your own emotional freedom because of things in the past, pain that as inflicted upon or because you’ve experienced some kind of loss, this episode will take you on a journey of healing, wholeness and freedom.  So, tune in now so you can get the healing you need and deserve. 


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