The Secret Behind Black Family Secrets

Family secrets.  How many of us have them?


I’d be willing to bet that everyone listening to this episode has at least one.

We all have a chapter in our lives we’re ashamed to read aloud — secrets that are buried deep inside, which brings us to our topic today.



That’s certainly not to imply that other cultures  don’t have secrets, but I think we can all agree that black family secrets often have roots so deep that their effects are often repeated in every generation.


And THAT has proven to be extremely dangerous.


With that said, Shirl, Natty and guest co-host Randi B are peeling  back the layers on the dangers of black family secrets


Is it REALLY a cultural thing?

Why are we so adamant about “what’s said in this house stays in this house”?

What’s the real secret behind black family secrets?

What role has the black church played in black families keeping secrets?

How do black family secrets differ from that of other cultures?

How can we rewrite the narrative?


If you are a survivor of a family secret that caused you harm you physically or emotionally, you’re in the right place at the right time because these ladies are sharing their stories about how they found healing after the secret and how you can too.




You know what to do next…


Press play! Your journey to healing awaits you. 


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