Mental Health and Black Women

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To be Strong, Black and Woman Struggling with Mental Health Issues…

We can’t pray it away, we can’t sleep it away, we can’t choose it away. We need support too.


Tarij P Henson, Michelle Williams, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lewis, Lisa Nicole Carson, Fantasia, Audra McDonad, Halley Berry, Serena Williams, Macy Gray…

What do these African American women have in common? 

They’ve all been very open with there struggle with mental health issues. 

You know what else they have in common? 

We all celebrated and uplifted them when they announced their struggles with depression, bi-polar disorder, etc…

So why is when “regular, everyday” women like Natalyn, Jasmin, Diathe and myself are open with our struggles, we’re told to pray it away?



That was just one of the things we covered in this episode, and boy was it powerful!!

This episode features guest co-hosts Diathe Garne and Jasmin Pierre, both strong advocates and professionals for mental health in the African American community. 

They joined us behind the mic as we worked to bring clarity to:


  1. The difference in being a black woman who is strong and a STRONG BLACK WOMAN
  2. The pros and cons of each – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally
  3. The societal and religious pressure of being a strong black woman
  4. Suggestions on how we can shift the strong black woman narrative while protecting and prioritize our mental health


Everybody in the room was more than happy share their personal experiences on how being a Strong Black Woman has often put her in a place of brokenness, how the church has directly or indirectly contributed to that brokenness and what it took for each of us to get our healing in world that often frowns on therapy and dismisses mental health issues in the African American community. 

Needless to say, it got really heavy and raw.

Seriously, no stone was left un-turned in this episode.

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Be sure to check out The Safe Place App available in the app store for IPhone and Android.  The Safe Place is a minority mental health app created by Jasmin Pierre to raise mental health awareness in the black community and serves as a great resource for African American individuals considering therapy, but don’t know where to start.



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