Not Your Superwoman Sista Circle of Healing

The Black Woman’s Twelve-Week Virtual
to Healing the Little Black Girl Within



AUGUST 5, 2021


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Karyn White sang it to the world and now you can too because long gone are the days when Black women are taking care of everybody while nobody is taking care of them.

You don’t have to choose between being strong and being human, sis. YOU GET TO DO BOTH. And this circle is exactly what you need to say f*** you to that cape and start to heal the Little Black Girl within the Strong Black Woman.

This is no surface level uncaping, sis. You see, we believe caping, masking, and hiding  begins in childhood, so in order to start the healing process we need to go inward.

Black women adorning themselves with masks and capes didn’t miracalously happen the moment they entered adulthood. In most cases there’s a history of childhood trauma that left us feeling broken hearted, abandoned, betrayed, abused and angry. These emotions don’t automatically resolve themseleves as we become adults.

Not Your Superwoman Bundle


We must do the work to heal them.  If we don’t do the work, the wounds of our inner child aka the little Black girl within begin to take over our interpersonal relationships in very unexpected ways often forcing us into caping, masking and hiding.

In order for you to ditch the superwoman cape,  you have  to heal the little Black girl inside of you– the little Black girl who was conditioned to never cry, ask for help or need anyone, the little Black girl who was taught to mimic happiness even when her heart was breaking, the little Black girl who was led to believe that it’s better to be seen and not heard.

This is your invitation to finally get the healing and support you need to live your life without the cape, because SUPERWOMAN is NOT who you are, it’s what you learned, and the beauty in that is that you GET to unlearn it.

here’s the awesomeness waiting for you

Black women in circle


Twelve weeks (once a week) of gathering in a safe and sacred space where you can lean on and connect with other women in vulnerability and hold space for one another as you do the work to heal and re-parent your inner child so that you can start to uncape and heal your little Black girl wounds.

Black Woman Journaling


Digital/printable journal with  journaling prompts carefully created to help you identify and unlearn the behaviors that forced you into caping, masking and hiding. 

Not Your Superwoman Affirmation Cards


Printable affirmation cards that align with the journaling prompts to help you unlearn and break the negative thought patterns and beliefs that taught you as a little Black girl that a caped life is the best life. 

Black Woman Meditating


Guided visualization meditation in MP3 format to reintroduce you to the little girl you were before life, society and circumstances taught you to cape and told you who should be. This meditation will also help you visualize your life without the cape.

Superwoman must die

Shirley Hubbard

From difficult to uncompromising to combative, Black women have been labeled ALL THE THINGS, and the reality is [depending on the circumstance] some of them are probably true.

But the problem with the labels is no one ever takes the time to find out WHY…No even us…Why am I angry?Why am I defiant? Why am I defensive? Most of the time we have no idea why we behave we behave and that’s because we’ve done so much repressing and suppressing our feelings, our emotions, our experiences, our TRUTH til we don’t know who we are anymore.

Well sis it’s time to peel back the layers of that mask and the cape so you can finally come out of hiding.

the experience

Black women in circle


THE FIRST SIX WEEKS FOCUS PRIMARILY ON “YOU”, who you are as a Black woman and what the world has told you about who you are. We hold a very safe and sacred container with absolutely no judgment. This makes every woman light up with a smile because she feels seen, heard and loved for her share. We build a deep bond and trust amongst the circle during the first half because of the special structure and rituals.

Self Love

Self Acceptance

Self Forgiveness

Self Care

Self Expession

Self Worth

Black women in circle


In the 7th week, the focus shifts to OUR,  we focus on
the “Collective”, such as our relationship with work, family,
sisterhood and men. 

Weeks 7 through 12

The Father wound

Mother Wound,

Sisterhood Wound

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