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Shades of Strong Podcast is not your regular shmegular podcast.  

Created for Strong Black Women by Strong Black Women, Shades of Strong™ is a conversational podcast, hosted by Shirley Hubbard and Natalyn Bradshaw, bringing listeners soul stirring conversations exploring the everyday experiences that shape, make and often break the Strong Black Woman. From the stereotypical myths and inequitable social norms, to unjust cultural biases and unreasonable expectations, they leave no stone un-turned.

The world is long overdue for dialogue about the cost of being a Strong Black Woman, and Shirley and Natalyn are happy to facilitate these conversations. They are committed to having discussions that will open space for more women to be and feel whatever Shade of Strong that’s real for them in any given moment — without judgement, stereotype, masks, scorn or ridicule.

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