Shift the Narrative of the Strong Black Woman | Shades of Strong

Shades of Strong is a multi- media phenomenon making a global impact on how the world views the Strong Black Woman.

We are committed to bringing awareness to how unexamined assumptions, underlying beliefs, and culturally biased expectations shape how the Strong Black Woman is perceived across the globe.

We are also committed to showing the Strong Black Woman how to honor her full range of emotions, including vulnerability, while exercising self-care, and not being afraid to get the support she needs when she needs it.   

Our Mission

To eradicate the myths, remove the stigma and shift the narrative of the Strong Black Woman while connecting individual experiences to societal, systemic and religious issues.



Our Promise

We promise to honor and celebrate the totality of the Strong Black Woman, while shining a light on the black female faces in history who have proven that our voices are undeniably powerful and deserved to be heard. Black Women are out here doing the ALL THE THINGS and we’re here to celebrate it all.


Our Essence

We operate from a place of individuality, inclusion and impact.  We welcome African American women from all walks of life  to join us in our endeavor to shift the Strong Black Woman narrative.


Our Vibe

We dance to the beat of our own strong — figuratively and literally.  We’re here to shake things up a bit because long gone are the days when being strong, black and woman was viewed as some hard to cure illness. We are well educated, well accomplished individuals making things happen and we look good doing it.


The Story Behind the Movement

It’s no secret that the Strong Black Woman has been
labeled bitter, angry, confrontational, emotional, unemotional, too independent, not independent enough, and the list goes on.

And if that’s not enough to drive her completely insane, she puts
added pressure on herself to live the “IT’S HANDLED” life like that of
the seemingly invincible Olivia Pope.  

And then to top it all off, here 
comes everybody else in the world riding in on their white horses and chariots telling her that she has to have her ish together at all times.   

Shades of Strong is here  to disrupt the madness because being strong is many things to many people and we’re here to shine a light on it all.


The Face Behind the Movement

I’m Shirley Hubbard writer, speaker, conversation facilitator and founder of this amazingly awesome movement.  I’m innately strong, innately black, innately woman and I make no apologies for that because I’m bold enough, brave enough, courageous enough to rock MY strong! 

But, that has not always been my story.  Not long ago I was rocking a S on my chest and a superwoman cape, fighting desperately to hold all of the pieces of my life together. 

My life was in shambles.  But, no one knew that because I made it my life’s mission to keep all of the chaos hidden so that those on the outside looking in would only see the perfect life I wanted them to see.

It is now my life’s mission to help the Strong Black Woman move beyond that space where she has been guilted into silence and where negative self-talk reigns supreme, into a space where she can have open and honest conversations about her vulnerabilities, her emotions, her feelings and her humanness.

I do this because I know the energy to appear strong and the socially imposed obligation to rise above it all is exhausting.  I also know that when we get to a place where we can honor the totality of our Strong Black Womanness and do that on our own terms,
others will do the same. 

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