The Sista Circle of Healing is a twelve-week virtual experience for Black women who identify with the ‘Strong Black Superwoman’ Syndrome to gather in a safe and sacred space for connection, healing, and transformation. 

It is an opportunity to be a part of a close knit sistahood built on love, friendship, support, and accountability. Sistas lean on each other in times of trouble and unrest, and dance  with each other in times of celebration.

Black women are tired, exhausted, depressed, and anxious from the weight of other people depending on them to be all the things, fix all the things, and do all the things even when their lives are falling apart. Circle is where they come to be a part of a refreshing, new, and intriguing dynamic while working on life changing exercises so they can get the healing they need to free themselves from the Black Superwoman Syndrome. 

The Sista Circle of Healing fills the desire for the deep, meaningful connections Black women have been longing for, while holding space for them to express and release the things that concern them. It is space where they get to fill their cups first.

THE NEXT TWO COHORTS START AUGUST 2nd AND 4th.  Enrollment is limited to 12 participants per cohort. You should probably SAVE YOUR SEAT now. 


Shirl and Natty here, your facilitators for the Sista Cirle of Healing. You’re probably here because you have a nagging feeling that something needs to change in your life, right? You’ve been sensing that it’s time for a shift but you’re not sure if now is the time, so you decided to come in and take a look aroud. 

Well, we don’t believe in coincidences here in the sistahood.  We believe in divine alignment. So if you made your way to this page, you are exactly where you need to be for such a time as this.

However, we do understand your uncertainty.  We spent most of our lives doing strong wrong primarily because we rarely saw our moms shed a tear.  They PUSHED THROUGH when they were sick, tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, and even when they were grieving the loss of loved ones. So naturally we grew up thinking that’s what it meant to be strong. As a matter of fact, we were WELL into adulthood before we realized that we didn’t have to be superhuman to be strong.  

You probably have a similar story. So go ahead, take a look around — see what this journey is all about and when you’re finished, join us in circle.



Identifying Childhood Experiences That Contribute to the Strong Black Superwoman Syndrome 

As a Black woman, adorning yourself with a mask and cape didn’t miraculously happen the moment you entered adulthood. More likely than not, there’s a history of trauma dating back to childhood that left you feeling broken, abandoned, betrayed, abused and angry. Those emotions didn’t automatically resolve themselves because you grew into adulthood.

As a little Black girl, the things you needed the ABSOLUTE most were to be seen, heard, nurtured, protected, and loved without condition.  Those are your core needs.  When those needs aren’t met, you don’t get the skills you need to do life from an emotionally healthy place.  You adapt to life’s circumstances the only way you know how. Those adaptations will eventually show up in your life as childhood wounds. Those wounds determine how you do life. They influence your behaviors, reactions, emotions, as well as how you experience yourself and others.

If you don’t do the work to heal those wounds,  you revert to that little girl who was not seen, heard, nurtured, protected and loved. She then begins to recall the unpleasant feelings, emotions, and experiences she encountered and immediately snatches both of you out of harm’s way forcing you to use caping and masking to comfort and defend, while she goes back into hiding until it’s time to protect again. She’s going to keep showing up to protect you (and sometimes it won’t be pretty) until you help her heal her wounds.

In Circle we use creative practices — journaling, photography, art journaling, meditation, creative writing, and affirmations along with our inner child framework to help you identify your unmet core needs so you can start the healing process.

  • Stability, nurturance, belonging, safety and acceptance 

  • Autonomy, confidence, sense of identity

  • Freedom to express needs and emotions

  • Realistic limits and self-control

  • Spontaneity and play

Sista Circle

These are all core needs. If any of them were not  met in childhood,  you may find yourself: 

  • Questioning who you are, where you belong, and why you’re here
  • Looking for safety and security in others and finding it difficult to trust simultaneously
  • Being codependent or refusing to depend on others
  • In and out of unhealthy relationships (friend, romantic and familial)
  • Lacking a sense of self or feeling disconnected physically, mentally and/or emotionally
  • Feeling unworthy of love
  • Struggling to set boundaries

These are all inner child wounds that as a little Black girl you did your best to heal, but instead found yourself repressing and suppressing, aka caping, masking, and hiding.  With the right skills and tools you can begin to heal those wounds and take back your life. 


Sista Circle of Healing

Each week you will gather in circle via Zoom video with other sistas and your facilitators to experience the magic of what happens when women gather,  take time for themselves, and fill their cups.  You will participate in sharing,  connection,  meditations, rituals, and inner child exercises that will leave you feeling, grounded, connected, rejuvenated, loved and present.   
Sista Circle of Healing

You will receive weekly journal pages and prompts in your inbox prior to each circle gathering. Journal prompts are  carefully created to help you identify and unlearn the behaviors that gradually pushed you into the Superwoman Syndrome.  At the end of the twelve weeks you will have a digital printable journal that will serve as a reference and reminder of the healing work you’ve done.  
Sista Circle of Healing

Included in the Circle deliverables are printable affirmation cards that align with the journaling prompts to help you unlearn and break the negative thought patterns and beliefs that taught you as a little Black girl that a caped life is the best life. The affirmation cards serve as a tool to help you nurture your inner voice. They  can be printed, laminated, and taken with you to affirm you on the days when you need a boost of encouragement.

Sista Circle of Healing

You are also provided with a guided visualization meditation in MP3 format to reintroduce you to the little girl you were before trauma, conditioned behavior, or inadequate coping skills taught you to adorn yourself with a cape and a mask. This meditation will help you visualize your life without the cape and support you in manifesting the life you’ve been dreaming of.


Circle is not a place to problem solve, but rather a container to hold space for the things that concern you. We hold a safe and sacred container with absolutely no judgment, making every sista feel seen, heard and loved. The structure, rituals, and sacred container ensure that by the end of the twelve weeks you will have started your journey to healing from the Strong Black Superwoman Syndrome and built a deep bond and trust with sistas you can lean on and do life with.

Sista Circle of Healing

  THE FIRST SIX WEEKS FOCUS PRIMARILY ON “YOU”.  We examine who you are as a Black woman, what the world and circumstances have told you about who you are, and the legacy you want to create.

Self Love 

Self Acceptance

Self Forgiveness

Self Care

Self Expession

Self Worth

Sista Circle of Healing


IN THE LAST SIX WEEKS THE FOCUS SHIFTS TO “OUR”. We focus on the collective, such as your relationship with family, work, sisterhood, and men. 

The Father wound

The Mother Wound

The Sisterhood Wound

Intra-family Violence

Intra-family Injustice

Work-Life Dynamic

Sista Circle of Healing


Just as iron sharpens iron, sistas sharpen sistas. Come experience the magic that happens when Black women heal in community. Open your heart, uncover your essence and get in touch with the greatness you were created for.

We’ve made the investment to join the Sista Circle of Healing  super simple and accessible.  A NON-REFUNDABLE seat deposit of $150 saves your seat. The balance is due two weeks before the start date. 

If you’ve been looking for a community where it’s safe to process, create, love, dance, laugh, cry or just be a place where your authentic self is always celebrated and you can open up to share your desires, thoughts and feelings, join us for this life changing experience.     




Before participating in circle I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry, confused, and torn. Although it was uncomfortable for me, I showed up with no walls and no judgment – just an open heart willing to share and ready to fully experience the experience. I walked away with more than I ever could have imagined. Being there allowed me to self-reflect and release a lot of past trauma and hurt. I love myself just the way I am, I am now able to express and stand firmly on my boundaries, I understand the value of giving and receiving love. I have so much gratitude for the experience.

Kaila B.


  Thank you so much for leading this circle. It was so freeing to hear someone talk about and give examples of how our early childhood experiences impact how we show up in our adult lives. There were times when I felt like I was the only one there and you were talking directly to me. I felt seen and understood and not judged – I’ve been longing for that for such a long time. Every Black woman needs this.

Taiye M.

Frequently Asked


When does the next Sista Circle of Healing start?

We will be hosting two Sista Circle cohorts simultaneously August 2nd and August 4th.  Our online community opens a week prior to the start date so that you can meet and connect with the sistas who will be joining you in circle. Reserve your seat now with your non-refundable $150 seat deposit.  Once your seat is reserved,  you’ll receive an email that includes your receipt and details on how the remaining balance should be made.  

How many sistas are enrolled in each cohort?

Because we want to keep the space as intimate as possible, we only accept twelve ladies per cohort. Our goal is to make sure every sista feels seen, heard, and loved so that by the end of the twelve weeks, not only will you have started your journey to healing, but you will also have built a deep bond and trust with sistas you can lean on and do life with.

Why is there a charge to be a part of the Circle?

We understand some believe sista circles should be free, however because a lot of time and effort goes into organzing and facilitating a circle, (expending energy, holding the container, providing valuable resources and a tranformational expereice), we believe an exchange of energy in the form of monetary payment is necessary.

Is there A refund policy?
The content is 100% digital so there are no refunds, credits or transfers on any payment (partial or full) once you register. We believe commitment and follow-through create momentum. We’ve found that people who don’t have the option to back out of their commitments get the best results. This is a community-centered, accountability experience and learning opportunity.  Thank you for understanding and honoring our policy.

What if I can't make all of the sessions?
Community is an integral part of the healing journey. That means you will get the best results by actually sitting in and being fully present in Circle. However, we are aware that unexpected cirmunstances my arise, so all Circle gatherings will be recorded and made available to you within 72 hours of the missed session.

Who is the Sista Circle of Healing suited for?
The Sista Circle of Healing was created for Black women who identify with the Strong Black Superwoman Syndrome and are ready to do life differently. It’s for those who have experienced childhood trauma, relational trauma, struggles with boundaries or saying no, identifies as a people-pleaser, feels as though they don’t know themselves or know what they like or dislike, women who struggle to ask for or accept support, or anyone who feels they generally struggle in their relationships.

What if I'm already seeing a therapist?

The Sista Circle of Healing is NOT intended to serve as a substitute or replacement for therapy or professional support, but rather a supplement to those services. If  you’re currently seeing a therapist, feel free to consult with her/him to see how the sista circle can complement the work you’re already doing. The Sista Circle holds space for you to work through your feelings and experiences in community with other Black women whether you’re currently seeing a therapist or not.

What results should I expect?
That’s really up to you and how committed you are to doing the work to free yourself from the Strong Black Superwoman Syndrome. It is our hope and intention that you’ll be able to identfy and start the healing process for the parts of you that experienced neglect, lack of love, inconsistent love or a situation in childhood that feels unresolved, and that you’ll gain insight into the workings of your inner child.  Additionally, our desire is that the dots will begin to connect and you will have a sense of peace, knowing why you behave in certain ways and attract certain situations in your life and that you will leave with the coping skills and healing tools to do life differently.

What If I have questions or need support?
We are happy to assist. You can email us anytime at hi@shadesofstrong.com

Let’s get this healing, sis!

Sista Circle
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