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July 16,  2024                  7:30pm EST/6:30 CST
August 20,. 2024           7:30pm EST/6:30 CST
September 17, 2024      7:30pm EST/6:30 CST

About the SOS Sista Circle


Are you tired of putting everyone else’s needs before your own? Do you long for a space where you can be vulnerable, where you can release the weight of constantly being strong and independent?

The SOS Sista Circle is more than just a community; it’s a sanctuary where you can let your guard down and be embraced for who you truly are.

In circle, you’ll find a support system like no other. It’s a place where you can share your struggles and triumphs, knowing that your sistas are there to lift you up. It’s a space where you can ask for help without fear of judgment, where you can lean on others and be leaned on in return.

In the SOS Sista Circle, we believe in the power of putting yourself first. By prioritizing your well-being, you not only transform your own life but also inspire others to do the same. Our circle is a place of deep connection and understanding, where you can share your truth and be met with compassion and support as you create a “me-first”  life.

Join us in the SOS Sista Circle and be part of a community that celebrates and supports you every step of the way. Take this step towards prioritizing yourself and join a sistahood that will uplift and empower you.


SOS Virtual Sista Circle

in the sos sista circle

We Dance to the Beat of our Own Strong

Upcoming Events

Every month, sistas from all walks of life come together in a virtual circle on Zoom, experiencing the magic that happens when Black women gather to prioritize themselves and nourish their spirits.

Here, you’re invited to engage in heartfelt sharing, deep connections, soothing meditations, meaningful rituals, introspective journaling, and inspiring creative exercises. These moments are designed to ground you, foster connection, rejuvenate your soul, envelope you in love, and bring you fully into the present moment.

Our facilitators guide discussions and activities on topics such as setting boundaries, practicing self-care, cultivating self-love, and navigating relationships.

This is more than a circle; it’s a journey—a journey to reimagining  strength, embracing your worth, and living a life filled with love and joy as your raw, unfiltered self. Join us and step into the  power of sistahood.

Emotional Inventory: Identifying Your Unmet Needs

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion as we dive into our emotional well-being. Reflect on what you need but currently lack in terms of emotional support. This session aims to help you identify and clearly articulate your unmet needs, fostering a deeper understanding of your emotional landscape. Together, we’ll explore strategies for fulfilling these needs and supporting each other on our journeys to emotional wellness.

July 16 – 7:30pm EST/6:30 CST

Becoming Self-Portrait Project

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and expression through the art of self-portraiture. In this gathering, we’ll explore the theme of “Becoming” and create self-portraits that reflect our personal growth, aspirations, and inner strength. No artistic experience necessary—just bring an open heart and a willingness to explore your inner landscape.

Aug 20  – 7:30pm EST/6:30 CST

Redefining Strength: Embracing Vulnerability

Join us for a powerful discussion on redefining strength by embracing vulnerability. Explore how vulnerability can be a source of empowerment and connection. Through sharing our stories and experiences, we’ll discover the strength in being open and authentic with ourselves and others.

Sept  17  – 7:30pm EST/6:30 CST




  • Accountability, Support, Sistahood: Connect with like-minded Black women who understand and uplift each other.


  •  Monthly 90-Minute Sista Gatherings + Group Coaching: Engage in impactful sessions with replays available.
  •  Access to Guest Speakers & Connections: Learn from inspiring speakers and experts on relevant topics.
  •  Mindfulness and Self-Care Practices: Discover techniques to enhance your well-being.
  •  Creative Expression Sessions: Participate in activities that foster creativity and self-expression.
  •  Access to Library of Resources: Enjoy a growing collection of valuable resources added monthly.
  • Members Only Discounts: Benefit from exclusive discounts on products, services, and events. 


  •  Private Sista Circle Online Forum: Join our exclusive online community for ongoing support and connection between sessions.

Choose the Membership Plan that Works for You

Monthly Membership

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           3-Month Commitment Required

Quarterly Membership

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    Cancel Anytime

For a limited time, become a founding member of the SOS Sista Circle and lock in a special rate of $35.00 monthly, $95.00 quarterly or $350.00 annually FOREVER!





Memberships are automatically renewed until the member cancels.

Annual Membership

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Come be a part of a global movement supporting recovering  “I-can-do-it-ALL-by-myself” Black women as they redefine strong and give themselves permission to do life with less stress, worry and emotional overwhelm.

The SOS  Sista Circle is the sistahood you didn’t know you needed. We hold Black women accountable with love — accountable for how we see ourselves, treat ourselves, walk through the world, and how we allow others to treat us.

Frequently Asked


Is the investment worth the cost?

Absolutely. By joining now, you lock in a special rate of $35 per month or $95 quarterly for life, compared to the regular $75 monthly or $200 quarterly rate. This is an investment in your well-being at a fraction of the cost. You get access to group coaching, guest speakers, mindfulness practices, creative sessions, and more—providing immense value for your investment.

Investing in yourself is one of the most important decisions you can make. The cost of not addressing your emotional needs—stress, burnout, and isolation—can be far greater than the monthly membership fee. By joining the SOS Sista Circle, you’re making a commitment to your growth, health, and happiness.

How can I be sure the SOS Sista Circle will be effective for me if it's newly established?

Although the circle is new, it’s built on proven principles of community support and empowerment. Your participation helps shape the circle, and together, we create a dynamic and responsive environment. The facilitator’s experience and commitment ensure that the circle remains a supportive and effective space for all members.

Who can join The SOS Sista Circle?

The SOS Sista Circle is open to Black women who find themselves overwhelmed by life’s demands and emotional stress, seeking a supportive community to share their experiences and gain strength. It is for those who are open to personal growth, mindfulness, and creative expression, eager to connect with like-minded women and form meaningful relationships. The circle is for those ready to commit to their well-being and invest in a nurturing environment that supports their emotional and mental health.

I have a therapist. Why do I need this?

While therapy is invaluable, the SOS Sista Circle offers community support and shared experiences that complement your therapeutic journey. You’ll connect with like-minded Black women, participate in mindfulness and creative activities, and have ongoing access to a growing library of resources, all of which enhance your overall well-being.

How does the SOS Sista Circle complement therapy?

The SOS Sista Circle is NOT intended to serve as a substitute or replacement for therapy or professional support, but rather a supplement to those services.

The SOS Sista Circle provides a community aspect that therapy typically doesn’t offer. It’s a space to connect with others who understand your unique experiences as a Black woman, offering peer support, shared learning, and additional resources that enhance your overall journey.

Therapy and the SOS Sista Circle can work hand-in-hand. Therapy provides personalized, professional guidance, while the Circle offers a communal, supportive environment. Together, they create a comprehensive support system to help you thrive emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

If  you’re currently seeing a therapist, feel free to consult with her/him to see how the sista circle can complement the work you’re already doing.

I'm not sure about a virtual circle. Can it really be as effective as an in-person group?

Absolutely. A virtual circle offers unique benefits such as accessibility and convenience, broader community connections, consistent participation regardless of location, comfort and privacy in your own space, flexibility with session replays, and enhanced resources. These features ensure powerful support and connection.

The virtual nature of the SOS Sista Circle offers flexibility, convenience, and a wide-reaching community that can provide powerful support and connection. It’s an innovative way to maintain meaningful interactions and grow together, no matter where you are.

I'm concerned about opening up and being vulnerable in a group setting.

Creating a welcoming and safe environment is our top priority. We are committed to fostering a space where you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences. The circle is designed to be a safe and supportive community where everyone understands the importance of vulnerability and respects each other’s journey. As we grow, we look forward to sharing stories and experiences from members who have benefited from opening up, showing you that you are not alone and that this is a space for genuine connection and support.

How often are the virtual gatherings held?

Virtual gatherings are held monthly, providing members with regular opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together.

I'm worried about whether I can fit the gatherings and activities into my busy schedule.

We understand that life can be hectic, and that’s why the SOS Sista Circle is designed with flexibility in mind. Our gatherings are held once a month for 90 minutes, and all sessions are recorded so you can watch the replays at your convenience. Additionally, many of our activities and resources can be accessed and completed on your own time, allowing you to participate in a way that fits your schedule. This structure ensures you can still benefit from the community and support without feeling overwhelmed.

Why is there a 3-month commitment?

We ask for a 3-month commitment to ensure that you have ample time to fully experience the benefits of the SOS Sista Circle. Personal growth and building meaningful connections take time, and this period allows you to engage deeply with the community, participate in various activities, and see real progress in your journey. This commitment helps create a stable and supportive environment, fostering trust and continuity among members, which is essential for true transformation and empowerment.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Members may cancel their membership as follows, but payments made are non-refundable.

  • Monthly Members: You can cancel your membership after the initial 3-month commitment period. If you cancel before the end of the 3-month commitment period, you are still responsible for the remaining payments. If you cancel after the 3-month commitment period, your access to the SOS Sista Circle will end at the conclusion of the current paid month.
  • Quarterly and Annual Members: You can cancel your membership at anytime. If you cancel, your access to the SOS Sista Circle will end at the conclusion of the current paid quarter or year, respectively. No refunds will be issued for early cancellations.

Please note that cancellation requests must be made at least 3 days before your next payment is due to ensure the cancellation is processed on time.

To cancel, simply send a request to support@shadesofstrong.com, and our support team will assist you with the process.



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