Shades of Strong


Subscribe to the Shades of Strong Podcast where we’re showcasing Black women who are daring to do strong differently Black women who have made a conscious and deliberate effort to give up a life of caping, masking, and hiding in exchange for one of play and ease.

After years of playing the role of superwoman, they’re telling society, religion, their family and friends to kick rocks with no shoes on, because they dance to the beat of their own strong. They’ve taken off the mask, ripped the S from their chest and are unapologetically embracing their vulnerability!

Trust me! Each episode is EPIC! You don’t want to miss it! 

Meet Your Host

Hi. I’m Shirley Hubbard, creator and host of the Shades of Strong Podcast where I’m doing my part to support Black women in freeing themselves from the burden of being my strong. I’m committed to bringing you soul stirring, life altering conversations that will inspire you to ditich the cape so that can create space for a life of play and ease.

Shirley Hubbard
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