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Never Let What THEY Think of You Silence You

Shades of Strong Movement

Shades of Strong is not just a podcast. It is global movement changing the way Strong Black Women do life.

Your support helps us to continue to shine a light on the injustices, the unfairness, and the inequities in the Black female culture.

You can help the Shades of Strong as we strive to tell authentic stories around the everyday experiences of the Strong Black Woman by making a direct contribution to the movement.

How does my contribution help support the Shades of Strong movement?

Here’s how we use your contribution to support Shades of Strong.

Support  Black Creators

Shades of Strong, LLC is a Black female-owned small business, and we seek to provide paid opportunities to Black women whenever possible. Your donation not only helps us as Black content creators, but it also helps us to pay our contractors at a fair rate.

Cover Hosting Fees

We love doing the work of creating this show and creating and holding space for Black women. But these things come with a financial investment. We pay hosting fees for things like our website and RSS feed. Both are crucial to the success of the show. Part of your donation goes to covering those monthly recurring costs.

Pay Production Costs

Creating a podcast means maintaining recording equipment and virtual recording rooms. We want to make the show sound as professional as possible for you. Your contribution helps to purchase and maintain our equipment so that you get nice clean audio in your ear buds.

Who is the Shades of Strong Work is For?


We center the stories and experiences of Black women between the ages of 23-55 group,. However, many of the themes and topics covered are universally relatable, so we encourage listeners of all genders, races, and ethnicities to tune in.

Why This Work is Important?

We believe that the depiction of Black women in the media deserves more depth. So, we decided to create a space where we center Black women in a meaningful way. We wanted to give a more complete picture of Black womanhood while also honoring the history of the Black women who came before us. We feature Black women of all ages, backgrounds, states of mental health and personalities. We’re more than the sassy best friend or the strong Black woman.We prioritize valuing the whole of who Black women are, strengths and flaws and all.


How much should I give?

That’s up to you! We ask for a minimum of $2 to ensure that the fees charged to process your payment are a little more than covered. Aside from that, the sky is the limit. Monthly contributions are especially helpful because costs to produce the show are always on-going. But anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

Retiring the Strong Black Woman Title

A Message from the Shades of Strong Creator

If you’ve made it to this page, you’re probably at least a listener of the show and for that we thank you. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the number of downloads for the show and are glad to see that these stories are resonating with our listeners, especially Black women. We want to see that continue. We believe that sharing the lived experiences of Black women makes a difference, but we need your help. If you enjoy our content, please consider a financial contribution so that we can keep telling these stories. We appreciate your support! Thank you!


Shirl H