Black Women See Color

As Black Women, we don’t have the luxury (aka PRIVILEGE)

of not seeing color because we’re constantly reminded of ours.


In this episode your hosts, Shirley (Shirl) Hubbard  and Natalyn  (Natty)  Bradshaw answer the question,


“Why was Shades of Strong created specifically for black women?”


YUP!!!  Someone actually hopped in the Shades of Strong inbox to ask, “why not all women”.  

So, Shirl and Natty waste no time giving the inquiring mind the answer to her burning question.

Shirl admits that she was a little skeptical about creating a space for black women ONLY because she didn’t want to contribute to the divisiveness that is is our country. But then, she remembered that…


Everything created for ALL women, was
NEVER created with Black Women in mind.


…and from that thought Shades of Strong was birthed. 


Now, if you’ve listened to any of the show’s previous episodes, you know the conversation went A LOT deeper than that.  


Shirl and Natty dive head first into how most of us (Black Women) didn’t grow up like our white counterparts. Our burdens, our privilege, our struggles, our experiences, our REALITIES are not the same.  


And before you go saying, I don’t see color or we all bleed the same, the hosts SHUT THAT DOWN too! 


We bleed red like everyone else, but our blood is heavily seasoned with the pain and struggle of our ancestors and with that of ALL THE BLACK WOMEN who dare to have a voice and are ridiculed and persecuted for doing so. 


…. and while saying, “I don’t see color”, seems like a noble stance, it is ultimately discounting our identities and our experiences as black women living in America.


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