Shades of Strong is a conversational podcast about the everyday experiences of the Strong Black Woman.

On it you will hear conversations about the importance of tearing down the myths and stereotypes that have kept Black women  in bondage for years.

We recognize that Black women are tired of the Strong Black Woman, Super Woman myth that is used to ignore our pain and frustrations while praising us for putting up with mistreatment and disrespect.  It is our hope that this podcast empowers all Black women to ditch the cape so that they can be and feel whatever Shade of Strong that feels right for them.


Meet Your Hosts,  Shirl & Natty

Shirley Hubbard aka Shirl

Shirley Hubbard aka Shirl

Writer, speaker, conversation facilitator and  emotional wellness coach residing in the southern state of Mississippi. She holds a degree in Human Services with an emphasis in counseling.  She’s spent most of her  adult life working in the non-profit sector mentoring Black female youth living below the poverty line.  

Natalyn Bradshaw aka Natty

Natalyn Bradshaw aka Natty

Multi-disciplinary artist and writer based in Southwest Virginia. She has worked as an artistic coach and mentor, and as a music and voice teacher for two decades. Her creative interests come from her desire to express vulnerability in ways that draw people in and encourage self-reflection and awareness.

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I love you both so much. I can’t wait until God brings women like you all into my physical circle. You both speak to my heart &  I’m grateful God brought you both in my virtual life. I fell in love with Shades Of Strong while listening to the episode-Behind the Mask of Angry Black Woman.  I now have an IPhone, so I faithfully listen to you all on Apple Podcasts. My voice gets stronger with every episode.  I have been silent for way too long.

L. Carter

This podcast is so amazing. Shirl and Natty are already my best friends in my head. They immediately make you feel like you are sitting on their couch with a glass of wine, having girl talk. I love the transparency, raw, realness and laughter. No matter what you are going thru these two amazing women will give you the courage and strength to  get through it. Each episode will take you on a healing journey you’ll never forget.

J. Danielle

I usually don’t  listen to podcasts, but today I said, “while you walk, you’re gonna feed your spirit.” I typed in “healing” to the podcast app & stumbled upon your episode “Dear Sis, You Don’t Have To Fake It.” I was beyond blessed by every word, so much so, I started sending the link out to others whom I thought could benefit. I am now a subscriber & I’m so glad I made the spontaneous choice to listen.

A. McKoy



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