Anyonita G.

The results are in and her results reveal that she’s Olivia Pope.

Tune in as Anyonita G. shares her thoughts on her results from the superwoman archetype quiz.

The quiz uses four popular television characters (Olivia Pope, Cookie Lyon, Annalise Keating and Cookie Lyon) to not only help you identify which archetype is most dominant in you, but also to help you to identify when and how the personality traits were birthed in you.

And it doesn’t just top there, the quiz also offers tips and strategies on how you can experience a life without the emotional pain of the superwoman cape holding you back based specifically on your superwoman archetype.

Anyonita took the quiz twice approximately three weeks apart and got the same results each time.   She shares her thoughts on the accuracy of the results and the benefits of taking the quiz.

Take a listen, then hop over to www.shadesofstrong.com/superwomanquiz to get your results.


[Link(s) Mentioned: www.shadesofstrong.com/superwomanquiz]