Black Girl Happy with Randi B

When’s the last time you asked yourself the question, “what makes me happy”?  I’d be willing to bet that the answer to that question is NEVER.

Okay, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt — maybe you have asked yourself, but have you really sat in it? 

What does happiness look like for you? Do you even know?

As Black women we are so consumed with making sure that everyone around us happy, til we forget that we deserve some Black Girl Happy in our lives too!

Well, Randi Bryant is here to SHUT DOWN THE NARRATIVE that the happiness of others takes priority over your happiness


Randi shares her journey of how she finally

tapped into the Black Girl Happy that IS Black Girl Magic…

…and how Black Women often find it challenging to create happiness because nobody has ever taught the Black Woman or given the Black Woman permission to be happy.

In her words,

We are giving a checklist and we live our lives going
after accomplishments, but never consider our happiness.


College – check.


Marriage – check.


Member of the bougie club – check.


House – check. 

Everybody is always saying, “girl go be successful”. Why is no one saying, “girl go be happy?”

Randi makes it clear that the Black Woman CANNOT continue to wait for the world to give her permission to be happy.  She MUST give herself permission to get on the Black Girl Happy train and stay there!

After listening to this episode with Randi B, I hope you’ll take some time to really sit in the question, 


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Randi B is a diversity and inclusion strategist, author, speaker, and trainer. She helps people and businesses navigate tough racial, gender, and cultural issues by equipping them with the right tools and resources to foster real, open dialogue.

She knows the power of communication can lead to inclusive environments where people feel comfortable being their complete, open, and authentic selves. Focusing on her mission to get people to open up and join the conversation (while also changing the world).

In her book, Neversays™, Randi provides an easy-to-follow guide on 25 phrases you should never, ever say to keep your job and friends. The tenets of this book are based on the beliefs that people are good but uninformed and uncomfortable with difference. This book provides real, practical advice on how to navigate these difficult-to-talk-about topics.

Through her speeches, trainings, and one-on-one services Randi equips people with the right tools to engage in honest conversations about race, gender, sexuality, religion, cultural, and diversity issues.

Randi has a wealth of knowledge and experience navigating the tough dialogues that come with discussing diversity and inclusivity topics. She is the founder and president of an award-winning change management company that she led for 17 years. She is also the creator of the trademarked “Fingerprint to Blueprint” curriculum and a former director of training and instruction for two tech start-ups. Additionally, she has helped many government clients and Fortune 500 companies in seven countries and 41 states.

In addition to starting conversations that create change, Randi is an avid traveler. She lives in the San Francisco area with her husband and two sons.

Be sure to connect with her on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.




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