Black Girl Magic

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Black Girl Magic –

the phrase coined to celebrate the beauty, power and resilience that is the Black Woman

As much as I love the Black Girl Magic that is me and every other Strong Black Woman who graces the earth with her presence, I can honestly say that I don’t always honor and respect her; and I’m sure there are many others walking around  [in shoes just as cute as mine] singing the same song.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but here’s how a typical day goes for you…


 You roll out of bed every morning wake the kids,

get them ready for school

  get yourself ready for work

work eight hours and if you’re lucky enough NOT to have errands to run, grab some lunch somewhere in between

head home, prepare dinner

  help the kiddos with homework

√  get them ready for bed

get yourself ready

  and say a quick prayer for strength just so you can do it all over again tomorrow

I see you hesitantly nodding your head, yes.  Girl!! You DO NOT need to be ashamed.

There’s no judgment here, but….

Can I ask you a few quick questions for market research?

But for real though…

Where was the me time?

Where was the self-care? oh my bad! That’s reserved for Saturdays, right?

Where is the protection of that Black Girl Magic you’re always hashtagging about?


Let me help you get some act rightquick, fast and in a hurry because you are running yourself ragged and slowly quenching the FIRE that is the Black Girl Magic!

If you really want to celebrate the beauty, power, resilience and MAGIC that is the Black Woman, don’t hashtag about it!  BE ABOUT IT!

You see, Black Girl Magic is not only about affirming our beauty and intellectual capacity.

It’s about unapologetically protecting and celebrating every fiber of who we are — mentally, spiritually, and emotionally; and Natty and I are here to help you get your life ALL THE WAY together.

In this episode we chat it up about:

  How to honor your feelings without waddling in the “feels”

  How to ask for what you need and give yourself permission to receive it

  How to unapologetically demand respect for your emotional space

  How to get your “NO” game up when everything in you wants to say yes

  How to STOP saying you’re good, when you’re not 

We also share our own personal stories of what it took for us to honor and protect our Black Girl Magic spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally while still being available for those who lean and depend on us. 

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