Black Women Don't Need a Captain Save a Queen

Long gone are the days when being black women, single black women, single black women with children, strong black women was viewed as some hard to cure illness that we need to be rescued from…

Black women are well educated, well accomplished individuals making things happen.


We don’t need a Captain Save a Queen!!!


We’re saving our dam selves!


AND we look good doing it. As a matter of fact, nobody does it better


In this episode we talk about Mary J Blige and her taking back the credit she gave her husband for helping her end her drug addiction


We use Mary’s situation to dissect the black woman’s need to be rescued.  


During our conversation we came into some powerful revelations about the fairy tales and happily ever afters our parents and WE fed ourselves and how those fairy tales have contributed to the devaluing of black women and why black women often find themselves in unhealthy relationships.


And of course, we didn’t leave the men out… because we can’t help ourselves without helping them out, right?


So how ’bout you click play and get this all of this goodness in your life…


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