Episode 002  of Get Naked LIVE™ features Contessa Louise Cooper, Speaker, Writer, Advocate & Autism Mom.  In this episode, Tessa and I chat it up about being an autism mom, how being “strong” took her to her breaking point, and how she now freely embraces EVERY emotion by being naked and unashamed.  She goes on to say how important being vulnerable is to our emotional health.   She also gives  us a few strategies on how to stay in an emotionally healthy space when life is coming at you from every direction.


Some of the episode’s defining moments include:


  • How Contessa thought giving birth to a child with autism was punishment for becoming a teen mom
  • How her therapist ignored her pain and how she used that as motivation to heal herself
  • How important forgiving yourself and others is to your emotional health
  • How to effectively process your emotions and free yourself from negative self-talk using “naked meditation”
  • The importance of self-care and how it’s not just about manis, pedis, and massages
  • The necessity of destigmatizing the words, STRONG BLACK WOMAN
  • and you DO NOT want to miss here rapid fire questions at the end of the show

There is so much goodness in this episode.

When I tell you Contessa Louise Cooper came to bring it!!! She CAME TO BRING IT! Contessa is NOT faking the funk!! She gets naked and makes no apologies for it!  So, if you’re ready to get on the naked and unashamed train and “get you some healing”, this episode is for YOU.



Contessa Louise Cooper is the unlikely advocate. Her rise to notoriety and influence is inspiring. Several years ago, she was an everyday consumer. She took an opportunity that changed her life forever. She kept journals, adding to the everyday experience of raising a family with an autistic son. She had just three days to turn her chronicles into a book.

She reflects a day in the life of being a single parent while challenging the educational resources available to autistic children. She pens every parent’s love for a child of theirs while overcoming unique obstacles underestimating the support for children such as hers and others.  Parents who have children with disabilities came to recognize Contessa as a resource aid and a champion.

Her first book, “Mad At The World: How To Move On And Find Peace When You’re A Special Needs Parent” made it the top of the Amazon Best Sellers list. She is currently writing a Handbook to Modern Dating and Sex for individuals with High Functioning Autism and a Parent’s Guide to assist with discussing sensitive topics.

You can find Contessa in the following online spaces:

Website:  www.contessalouise.com.

Facebook:  fb.me/ContessaLouise

Twitter:  @ContessaLouise 

Want to know what kind of strong black woman you are?
Check out Tessa’ s Strong Black Woman quiz HERE

Also  be sure to check out the Self Care Lounge for strong black women HERE.
Self Care Lounge for Strong Black Women is a community for all women of color  who are ready to
focus on self-care, ask questions, share your journey and get what you need.

Tessa’s MOST Quotable Moment:

“Instead of being your biggest cheerleader, you’re your biggest hater. When you start replacing every negative thought with something positive, you’ll learn to walk in the fullness of your power”


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