Emotional Intelligence|African American FemaleEpisode 004 of Get Naked LIVE™ features RaShaunda Fuller, founder of Statement Tees & Things™.   In this  episode, she gets real  about how she lacked the emotional intelligence to be vulnerable and how she no longer sees being strong as a badge of honor.  She’s taken off the cape AND the mask is truly defining strength on her own terms.

Some of the Episode’s Defining Moments:


  • The challenges of raising a seventeen year old son who’s a black man in America
  • How crying was unacceptable in her childhood home because it was viewed as being weak
  • How her mother rarely showed anything other than positive emotions, which spilled over into her life
  • How she lacked the emotional intelligence to handle the challenges of everyday life
  • Making not-so-good choices and not going into hiding afterwards
  • How slavery contributed to the lack of emotional intelligence among African American women
  • How churches and communities need to have more dialogue around mental health
  • How she finds it challenging to be consistent in freely expressing her emotions
  • How she’s encouraging her son to communicate his emotions

As you can see, it gets REAL in this episode.

RaShaunda held nothing back.  She was very open about her childhood experiences with her mother and her father and how those experiences shaped how she lives her life and how she raises her son.


RaShaunda Fuller, founder of My Social Media Mentors,  an online social media training center that offers self-paced social media courses for women entrepreneurs, is most widely known for her “Pinning with a Purpose” course that taught women how to achieve big brand success on a shoestring budget while using Pinterest marketing. The training center also served as community for women who are passionate about their personal development in addition to succeeding in business.

She recently launched an apparel and novelty online store,  “Statement Tees & Things™” where she uses her creative skills, unique way with words, her love for motivating others & her for passion for fashion in a motivating but stylish way. She’s committed to making sure that her customers have apparel that makes BOLD positive self-declarations about themselves in the most stylish way possible.

RaShaunda has recently been featured on Bloomberg Newsweek, Black Enterprise, Yahoo! Finance, Marketplace and MarketWatch just to name a few. She is also a contributing author of Chantelle Adams book; “The Courage to Fly” which also features best selling authors Danielle LaPorte, Karen Salmansohn.

She’s also passionate about women’s mental health and is determined to debunk the false narrative that black women have to be strong all the time; and that our strength is measured & defined by the amount of pain that we can take. Her new mission is life is to free others from the stigma, judgment and shame that comes to those who struggle with things like depression, and anxiety.

You can find RaShaunda in the following online spaces:

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/statementteesandthings

Facebook Personal Profile:  www.facebook.com/rashaundaf

Instagram:  @statementteesandthings

RaShaunda also has a podcast COMING SOON called “Let’s Talk About It. Conversations w/ The Girl Next Door.” Follow her on social media to stay in the loop.

RaShaunda’s MOST Quotable Moment:

“I don’t measure my strength by the amount of pain I can take.
My strength is based on me being able to say, ‘I need help. I need a break.
I need to replenish myself.  I need to refill my cup’.”


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