Emotional Resilience and Strong Black Women: Bouncing Back After the StormEpisode 007 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Gabrielle Leonard, Event Income Strategy Consultant and Coach. In this episode Gabrielle takes us on a journey of how emotional resilience saved her life.  After being a homeless high school drop out, she was determined not to become a statistic, so she fought with everything in her to save herself from  her circumstances.


Some of the episode’s defining moments include:


  • How she dropped out of high school in the final semester of her senior year and how devastating that was
  • Being a homeless high school dropout
  • Having an emotional and psychological breakdown
  • How circumstances forced her to be emotionally strong at a very young age
  • Surviving a devastating hurricane in the Virgin Isalnds
  • What it was like to tell her children that everything would be okay when she herself was certain of that
  • How wisdom AND faith carried her through the storm
  • The strength and expectations that have been thrust upon the black woman
  • How black women are the true minority

This episode is filled with all things concerning emotional resilience.

Gabrielle brings it all the way home as she dives deep into how if felt to drop out of school during the last semester of her senior year during a time when she was also homeless.  She goes on to give us an inside look at surviving a devastating hurricane and gives us the inside scoop on why she thinks African American Women are the true minority.  She seriously goes ALL THE WAY in about bouncing back from some of life’s most traumatic events.


Gabrielle Leonard is an Event Income Strategy Consultant who helps creatives, entrepreneurs, makers and influencers to diversify their income with live events.

You can find Gabrielle in the following online spaces:

Website: www.gabrielleleonard.com

Facebook: Events and Marketing Studio

Instagram:  @events_and_marketing_studio

YouTube: Gabrielle Leonard

Gabrielle’s MOST Quotable Moment:

“ At a young age I understood the importance of feeling the feels, but not glorifying the feels.”

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