Emotional Spending and the Strong Black Woman Syndrome

Black Women residing in what we’ve come to know as the Strong Black Woman or Superwoman Syndrome often seek peace and refuge in retail therapy aka emotional spending

She seeks this refuge online, in a mall, or even at a car dealership—she’s  just looking for something to comfort her mentally and/or emotionally and in more cases than not, that comfort comes with a hefty price tag.

Her spending is directly related to her feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, neglected, angry, disconnected – the greater the pain she’s experiencing in that moment, the higher the price tag for rewarding herself.

Emotional spending in its simplest form is buying things with the hopes that it will make us feel better about whatever emotional pain we’re experiencing.  But it can also break the bank, AND it doesn’t necessarily help you deal with whatever  triggered the spending in the first place

Emotional spending  breeds financial dysfunction and that dysfunction is passed down to our children and our children’s children’s children – err go generational curses.

In this episode, Natty and I get candid about our experiences with emotional spending and impulse buying.  

In addition to sharing our experiences, we  offered suggestions on how to recognize your spending triggers, as well as alternative (no cost) coping techniques that you can easily implement when life gets to be too much.

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