Habits that Keep Black Women Stuck

Photo Credit: Clarke Sanders on Unsplash


Feeling stuck is scary and uncomfortable…


It often comes when we’re fighting against what we feel we’ve been born to do or when we’re fighting desperately to play a role that has been forced upon us.

In this episode Natty and I talk about some of the habits that keep black women feeling stuck using the Le’Andria Johnson story as a point of reference. 

It is painfully obvious in Le’Andria’s story that feeling stuck is common among women, specifically African American women, for at least one of the reasons below:

1. We fear breaking the “rules” (inflicted on them by others)

2. We sacrifice our happiness for the happiness of others

3. We allow others to silence us into submission

4. They allow others to limit their potential

5. We’re afraid to reinvent ourselves

6. We see vulnerability as a weakness

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