Forgiveness, Broken Communication, Come Get Your Healing

You asked!  We answered!

Our listeners want answers to some really tough questions and we’re here for ALL OF THEM


  1. How do you forgive people who are not sorry?
  2. How do you trust your child again after they break your trust?
  3. What are some steps to healing?


We took each of them one by one sharing our experiences and imparting some wisdom.  Do yourself a favor and tune in for our responses.



Forgiveness is probably one of THE most challenging things you’ll ever have to do when you’ve been betrayed by someone you love and care about. 

Couple that with trying to forgive someone who truly doesn’t give a eff about hurting you, and you’ve  got an even greater challenge on your hands.  But, the reality is you can either forgive or feel like crap.  Those really are you ONLY options so come on in, pull up a chair and let’s talk about it.

And while you’re here, let’s  chat it up about how you and your child can get back on Trust Avenue after the trust has been broken. 

I know about this all too well, so I know your first reaction is usually one of anger and betrayal; and the next reaction is usually doling out punishment, but before you go running full speed ahead into locking folks in rooms and snatching up cell phones, how bout listening to some of our suggestions on how to handle a betrayal of trust from the youngster.  

Yeah, I know that’s a lot of  hard talk for one episode, but I can’t let you leave without throwing in some tidbits on how to get yourself some healing because that’s where your happiness lies, Queen.  Yup! I said it.  You will never experience true happiness until you find healing.  

Alright!!! Are you ready for this episode? 

From forgiveness to broken trust to healing,

we left no stone uncovered in this episode.


Well, what are you waiting for?  Let’s do this!  

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