Generational Trauma


As  Black Women we have a tendency to bury our pain not realizing that it manifests  itself in every area of our lives — in romantic relationships, through our relationships with our parents, our children, our siblings, on our jobs, and yes even how we parent our children.

Generational curses (generational trauma) are nothing more than unresolved issues and wounds that we pass on to our children and family members.

In other words, hurt mothers hurt their children through the transference of toxic emotions. And the vicious cycle continues, hurt children hurt others too.

When we don’t deal with our pain, our children learn not to deal with theirs, then they pass that down to their children and that’s how generational trauma is born.

In this episode, the ladies get candid about how they have unknowingly passed down generational trauma to their children and how they’re each working diligently to deal with their own sh*t so that they can break the curse of generational trauma.

Shirl and Natty both recognize they are work in progress, bu the important thing is they are each willing to do the work.  They are both willing to heal the pain of their trauma so that don’t continue to pass that trauma down to their children.



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