A Black Woman's Guilt and Shame

This episode is filled with poetry snaps and slow claps.  Seriously, Angela Roulette peels back every emotional layer while sharing her story of releasing the pain of the past and taking her life back from circumstances that threatened to kill her.


Some of the episode’s defining moments include:


  • How her self esteem suffered as a result of not being wanted by her father
  • How she overcame the guilt and shame of her father’s suicide
  • Her PTSD and anxiety diagnosis having grown up in a community that “doesn’t do mental illness”.
  • How she went from one dysfunctional relationship to the next in search of unconditional love
  • How she sabotaged the one great relationship she had because she was broken
  • How therapy and faith CAN co-exist
  • Her life before and after therapy
  • How she chooses peace over everything, even if that means letting some people go

This episode is jammed packed with realness and rawness

Angela wastes absolutely no time spitting her truth about releasing the pain, heartache and trauma of past experiences. She gets naked about her estranged relationship with her mother and father, overcoming guilt and shame and how poetry saved her life.



Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, poet Mz Angela Roux has always been a fan of language. She describes her poetry as “edu-tainment”, combining witty perspectives on modern day womanhood with social commentary and personal testimony. She is the creator and producer of Estrogen Rush, an all-female poetry show, which debuted in November 2012. In November 2015, she released and debuted her first poetry book “The Sinbad Sessions: Poems by Mz Angela Roux” published by Spartan Press. Currently she is the host of Roux On The Radio, airing third Saturdays at noon on KUAW 98.5FM and the TuneIn App.

You can find Angela in the following online spaces:

Facebook: : www.facebook.com/mzangelaroux

Instagram:  @mz_angela_roux

Snapchat:  mz_angelaroux


Angela’s MOST Quotable Moment:

“ I love my mom from a very realistic place.  I had to ‘bury’ the mother I wanted; and learn to love the mother I have.  The moment I let go of the idea of what I wanted my mother to be, was the moment I started to get more peace.”


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