My strong is sacred

Join us for this enlightening episode with Deneen Tyler as we dive into the heart of healing, focusing on the feminine experience. We explore the nuances of Black womanhood, discussing how to reclaim your power, nurture your emotions, and finding balance in feminine and masculine energy. Deneen’s insights and wisdom will inspire you to reconnect with your true self.

Episode Highlights:

  • Healing the Feminine: Deneen shares her personal healing journey and provides deep insights into the roots of feminine wounds and their lasting effects on Black women.
  • Impact of Childhood Experiences and Religion: Explore how childhood experiences and religious influences shape our understanding of feminine and masculine energy, and how these factors contribute to our overall well-being.
  • Navigating the Duality of Energies:  Deneen discusses the duality of feminine and masculine energies, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and balancing these forces in our lives.
  • Addressing Toxic Masculine Energy:  The impact of toxic masculine energy on the feminine experience and discover ways to protect and nurture your feminine energy.

This episode is a must-listen for Black women who want to nurture their feminine energy.

Deneen Tyler BA MDiv. is a former Mental Health professional turned Spiritual Wellness Coach. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology, a Masters in Divinity and over 15 years of experience supporting adults and children with developing wellness practices. Deneen has spent the last 5 years honing her Tarot divination and skills and spiritual practice rooted in African Spirituality (to include Ancestor veneration, Altar work and the like). She currently uses Mental Health and Tarot to help women identify trauma responses rooted in “mommy wounds”. She also hosts Sistar Healing Circles to help women reprogram their mindset and habits so they can live a healthier and happier life.

Connect with Deneen:  Instagram and X: @woman1sh_intuition |  YouTube  | Website

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