… and we’re back!! Well not quite, but after a three week hiatus we’ll be back MONDAY with a brand new episode and I’m head over heals excited about it!   As you already know, I’ve had several guests come on to share their stories about getting naked, defining strength on their own terms and learning to LOVE LIFE UNMASKED!

Well, guys…it’s my turn!!!  That’s right!  I’m coming out NAKED AND UNASHAMED. Monday’s episode is going to be epic because I’m taking my clothes off and I’m inviting you to take a front row seat as I share my story of how I overcame a number of traumatic events — and I’m going all in.

I’m talking heart break, domestic violence, sexual assault, rebellious teens, teen pregnancies, prison sentences, job loss, foreclosure, car repossession…………  You name it!!! I’ll probably be talking about it!!!

Trust me! You don’t want to miss it.

I ain’t gon lie, though!  I’m a little nervous about it, but I’m doing it anyway and I hope you’ll be tuning in!!

Anyway…  been behind the scenes doing the damn thing and I’m wasn’t just working on new episodes.  I’ve been working on the Get Naked product line, I’ve been putting plans in place for the sister circle, a docu-series, a multi media campaign, international strong black woman day…all kinds of goodness because we are taking the words, STRONG BLACK WOMAN back!!  If I have anything to do with it, those three words will no longer be associated with negative connotations.  Those three words will no longer be stigmatized!

….and you can help me make that happen.  Hop over to the home page of getnakedlive.com, scroll down until you see the link the says “join the movement”, type in your name and email address to get the deets and lets make it happen.