Loving Yourself From the Outside in

Episode 012 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Kaila Boulware, President of the Baldie Movement.  Kaila has been struggling with alopecia for ten years and there were days when she was afraid to leave her room without something covering her head; but FED UP with hiding, she looked at herself in the mirror about two years ago, and declared, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Today, SHE’S BALD! SHE’S NAKED! SHE’S FREE!! Tune in to today’s episode of Get Naked LIVE and hear how she finally kicked fear in the butt and started walking in freedom and wholeness.


Kaila Boulware  gets naked about loving yourself from the OUTSIDE in while living with alopecia.

“From birth, we are taught that our hair is a major part of our beauty. But, what if we don’t have any!? Are we not beautiful? Of course we are! But how do we come to learn, and accept our beauty as bald women in a world that tell us we are not so?”

Kaila addresses these questions throughout her interview while taking us on a journey of how she learned to embrace her physical nakedness, which in turn taught her how to embrace her emotional nakedness.

Some of the episode’s defining moments include:

  • How alopecia affected her confidence and self-esteem
  • Viewing beauty from a perspective that promotes loving yourself unconditionally
  • The black girl starter kit and common myths about being bald
  • Dating as a baldie and how she met her husband AFTER she shaved her head
  • Loving yourself with or without hair — no matter your size, or shape
  • Defining beauty on your own terms



Kaila Boulware  is a digital artist and philanthropist residing in New Jersey. Graduating from Rutgers University, Kaila uses her skills and talents to showcase the “NAKEDNESS”  of women in the fashion and entertainment industry.  She’s also the president of The B.A.L.D.I.E (Beauty and Love Demonstrated in Everything) Movement, where she works to celebrate, support, and empower bald women and children to love themselves more–without the need of hair.

You can find Kaila in the following online spaces:

Facebook:  The Baldie Movement and  Kaila Boulware

Instagram: The Baldie Movement and   Kaila Boulware

Click HERE to Join The Baldie Movement Support Group

Click HERE to Join Kaila and Other Baldies for Walk with Confidence 2018

Kaila’s MOST Quotable Moment:

“You have to love your NAKED self unconditionally.  If you don’t,  no one else will.”

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