Margaret Garner


Welcome to the very first minisode in our  Black from the Past™ series. 

Black from the Past™ is our contribution to preserving and normalizing Black history.

Here’s where we shine a light on Black women who are often forgotten,  but have most certainly made an impact on the Black female culture.

Today’s spotlight is shinning bright on Margaret Garner, who in one heart wrenching moment slit the throat of her 2-year-old daughter rather than return her to slavery.

Tune in to hear an account of Margaret Garner’s desperate act of love.

Here are few things to ponder while listening:

  • How far back the dehumanization of Black people date
  • The depths that a parent will go to ensure her child is out of harm’s way
  • The Psychological and emotional effects that Slavery had on Black people
  • Slavery being a worse fate than death

Not only have artists and poets honored Margaret Garner with their paintbrushes and proses, her story was the inspiration behind Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, (also available as an audio book) paper back the movie Beloved  starring Oprah Winfrey, Kimberly Elise, and Thandie  Newton, and it later inspired the 2005 opera, Margaret Garner composed by Richard Danielpour.

Although indirectly,  Margaret Garner has made significant contributions to the Black female experience. So today we shine a light on her, we celebrate her and we honor her.


Below are a few links where you can read more about her story.

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