Podcasters for Justice

With so much happening in the world, it’s super easy to feel helpless, and maybe even hopeless, especially if you’re not out protesting.

As podcasters, we have platforms where we can speak out against racism and police brutality.

In this PSA, Natty and I encourage you to be educated, engaged, and to take action.

Support the work of activists on the front lines of change, who risk themselves daily to create a better world for us all.

Get involved by donating to any of the following:

    1. George Floyd Memorial Fund
    2. Minnesota Freedom Fund
    3. Black Visions Collective
    4. Campaign Zero
    5. Black Lives Matter

Sign a petition:

    1. Text “Floyd” to 55156 to sign a petition to demand justice for George Floyd.
    2. Text “ENOUGH” to 55156 to sign a petition demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. 

Sign-up at Color of Change to be notified of more opportunities to take action.

Reclaim the Block
 lobbies for cutting police spending, and re-routing some police funds to affordable housing, health, violence prevention, civil right and renter protections.





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