Episode 003 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Maisha Hudson, recovering victimholic. In this powerful episode, she and I talk candidly about how she suffered from depression, which ultimately led to a suicide attempt.  She also lets me in on how she moved from victim to survivor and what strategies she found most beneficial in processing anger.


Some of the episode’s defining moments include:


  • Why Maisha thinks redefining the strong black woman is important in today’s society
  • How she personally defines the strong black woman
  • How she’s raising her daughter to be strong AND vulnerable
  • How she lived her life for over twenty years not knowing how to be angry
  • How internalizing her feelings almost killed her — literally
  • What she did when she finally realized that no one was coming to save her
  • How she overcame depression and how she dealt with suicidal thoughts after the attempt

This episode is filled with so much goodness.

Maisha really poured herself out in this episode. She gave us all of her — no mask, no facade.  She truly has no shame about the  journey that got her from there to here.


Maisha is a recovering victimholic who believes in living life in the moment. She is a mom to five: four teenagers and an adult gift-daughter. Maisha has an associate’s degree in psychology and  is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business. In whatever spare time she can find, Maisha can be found dancing, meditating, or baking. If you want to follow Maisha in the online space, you do so via Facebook @Maisha Hudson.

Maisha’s MOST Quotable Moment:

“Your biggest strength is in your vulnerability.  Strength does not come from sucking it up.  Strength comes from allowing your walls to come down.  The more vulnerable you allow yourself to be, the stronger you become.”


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