Raising a Black Son in White America


How do you teach your Black Son how to thrive in a country where modern day Jim Crow laws and the school-to-prison pipeline are very serious realities?

Randi B and I both know from personal experience that rearing a black son is a daunting task in and of itself. Couple that with raising him in a world that ridicules, dishonors and  discounts him simply because  of the color of his skin, and you have an even greater challenge on your hands.

In today’s episode take a deep dive into how black moms don’t have the luxury of being being soft when it comes to raising our boys because we’re too busy trying to save them from the world that literally wants to kill him for just breathing.

I shared with her  how In my efforts to teach my son how to be a man, I was constantly focusing on all the things he shouldn’t be doing AND what I didn’t want to happen to him.   I didn’t want him to become like the boys he often kept company with. I didn’t want the streets to get him!  I didn’t want to lose him to drugs.  I was always telling him what he shouldn’t do… what he couldn’t do.  I rarely (if ever) told him what he could do. I was so afraid that he would fail, til the possibility of success never even crossed my mind!

If you have a black son or know someone who does, you do not want to miss this episode.  It’s a good one, peeps!

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