I'm Not Strong


Hey y’all!  What is up!  What is happening! 

We are back and we are ready to get back to dropping the dopeness and realness that is Shades of Strong episodes. 

We appreciate your patience AND loyalty as we took some time to rest, regroup, and strategize for the remainder of the season.

In this episode Natty and I tell you what we’ve been up during the hiatus and recap what we have planned for the Shades of Strong movement moving forward.

Here a few things we chatted about: 

  • Natty’s new journaling class, Healing Processes, Creative Practices 
  • New Black from the Past mini episodes featuring and honoring the history of the Black women who came before us. If you have someone you would like to see featured, please send us an email, hi@shadesofstrong.com with the subject line Black from the Past. 
  • Why Millennial and Gen Z’ers are rejecting being called strong 


  • What the remainder of season three will look like




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