My strong is my belief that Black women are sick of riding and dying

We’re thrilled to welcome award-winning author and advocate Shanita Hubbard to our show for an enlightening discussion. Shanita shares her unique perspective on the “Ride or Die” narrative in hip-hop and its profound impact on Black women, drawing from personal experiences and a deep understanding of the cultural evolution of these stereotypes.

Our conversation delves into how the image of the “ride-or-die” woman has evolved into the “strong Black woman” archetype, and the societal effects of these portrayals. Shanita also sheds light on the intersectionality of issues faced by Black women, including intimate-partner violence, highlighting the compounding challenges this brings.

We explore the vital role of hip-hop in correcting harmful narratives, and Shanita passionately discusses her vision for a more empowering narrative for Black women. We also touch on the importance of allies within the hip-hop community in amplifying Black women’s voices and challenging damaging stereotypes.

Key Points:

  • Impact on Black Women: We discuss how stereotypes affect the daily lives of Black women.
  • Intersectionality: Shanita shares insights on various challenges faced by Black women, including intimate-partner violence and police violence.
  • Responsibility of Hip-Hop: We emphasize the need for hip-hop to reshape harmful narratives.
  • Internalization of “Ride or Die” Mentality: We explore how Black women can internalize and perpetuate stereotypes.
  • Ride or Die in Different Contexts: Our conversation extends to different contexts where the “ride or die” mentality manifests.
  • Path to Change: Shanita outlines her vision for a more empowering narrative and the role of allies.

Join us, along with Shanita, as we unravel the complexities of the “ride or die” narrative and its impact on Black women.

About Shanita:
Shanita Hubbard is the author of the award-winning book Ride-Or Die: A Feminist Manifesto For The Well-Being Of Black Women. She is a former therapist, Soros Justice Fellow, and the mother of an amazing Black girl.

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