Welcome to Season one of Get Naked LIVE where we are redefining the STRONG BLACK WOMAN.

Get Naked LIVE is not your ordinary podcast.  This is a global movement where women from all walks of life are boldly and fearlessly embracing their emotional nakedness.

We have finally found the courage to to take off tell society, religion, our family and friends that we are no longer going to let them tell us what being strong is.  We have taken off the mask.  We have ripped the S from our chest and we are defining strength on our own terms.

We’ve been labeled A LOT of things (bitter, angry, unemotional, EMOTIONAL, confrontational), but we are NOT who they say we are!  WE ARE WHO WE ARE…

…and it’s time to STOP apologizing for it.

For more information, visit us online at getnakedlive.com or hi@getnakedlive.com