Sexual and Physical Abuse | Forgiving Your Offender

Episode 011 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Nicole K. Jones, Domestic Violence Advocate. In this episode Nicole shares her story of sexual and physical abuse and how she was finally able to begin the healing and forgiveness process. Nicole gets really transparent about her experience — how long she stayed, why she stayed, how she thought her love for him was enough to fix him and the straw that broke the camel’s back, forcing her to accept that LOVE was not enough to fix what was broken in her offender’s life.


In this episode Nicole K. Jones let’s us into some very private areas of her life and how forgiving your offender after sexual and physical abuse set her free from the emotional bondage.

As a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, Nicole is now very cognizant of the subtle signs of abuse.  She now makes it a habit of listening to what people are not saying.  Additionally, as a domestic violence advocate she sows seeds of hope, healing and happiness into the lives of other women who need support in that area.

Some of the episode’s defining moments include:

  • How it felt to be labeled as strong when her life was falling apart
  • The affects of sexual and physical abuse in her life
  • How she overcame sexual and physical abuse
  • What it was like wearing the mask and how she moved on from a facade life
  • How to recognize the subtle signs of abuse
  • What it took and how long it took for her to forgive her offender



Nicole K Jones is a writer, author, and humanitarian. She has created a culture of community partnering with local nonprofits to build rapport and enhance the quality of life for those in need.

She is active in working with domestic violence survivors, homeless youth and community service organizations. She understands how essential it is to support institutions of culture and learning, S he takes immense gratification in volunteering and believes it is the duty of every citizen to support others in need.

She has worked with several organizations and has had the privilege of teaching workshops for  youth creating a step by step process on how to write a book as well as reading and writing poetry session.  For Nicole, volunteering is empowering and sharing a common bond to help others is rewarding.

You can find Nicole in the following online spaces:

Facebook: Nicole K. Jones

Hope and Healing Facebook Community

Instagram:  Nicole K. Jones

Nicole’s MOST Quotable Moment:

“I believe in prayer. I believe in God.  I believe in doing all of that; but you have to take action for your healing.”

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