The Sexualization of Black Women and Girls


The sexualization of Black women and girls has its roots in slavery and racism and heavily contributes to rape culture internally and externally. 

And  to add insult to injury, mainstream media has been oversexualizing the Black female body for years, for CENTURIES.

Well, y’all know Natty and I are ALWAYS down for a good session of disrupting the madness because…

We are of the belief that Black women should be able to wear whatever they want with all the curves they have without being objectified. 

We are also of the belief taht Black women should be able to post picture on social media honoring their bodies, their curves, and their beautiful black skin without that photo being shared as a distasteful sexually objectifying meme.

Come on, people!  Be better than the slave owners!

Join us in this week’s episode as we chat it up about ALL THE THINGS relating to the sexualization of Black women and girls. 

Grab your cup, come on in and let us pour you this good ol tea; and when you’re finished sipping it all up, head over to shadesofstrong.com and leave us voice message with your thoughts about the topic or shoot us a quick email at hi@shadesofstrong.com

Here a few things we chatted about: 

  • The objectification and sexualization of Black women and girls having its
    roots in slavery and racism
  • Black women being the least protected in America
  • The sexualization of Black women contributing to rape culture
  • Unlearning and retraining the Black culture and American culture
  • The mental and emotional effects of sexualization 
  • Mainstream media contributing to the sexualization of Black women
  • The sexualization of Black men and what that could look like




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