Sisterhood | They Smile in Your Face

♪♪ all the time they want to take your place ♪♪


We’ve seen a lot of the crab in the bucket mentality among African American females, and I’m not saying it doesn’t exist in other communities — I know it does, but like with all things that negatively impact us, the spotlight is often directed towards us more than others.


Take for instance Nicki Minaj and Cardi B – I’m sure there are tons of other female singers and rappers that have beef with each other, but who’s names constantly show up in the headlines?  Nicki and Cardi, right?


But even with black females being under constant ridicule for tearing each other down, I’m actually noticing that A LOT of us are recognizing that we’re stronger together, so we’re forging solid friendships and clinging to the sisterhood both on and offline. 

Black women are coming together to lift each other up and cheer each other own.  We’re tired of the whole super woman — S on your chest mentality — we’re tired of being alone, hiding, living in shame and feeling disconnected.


We ARE actually craving more meaningful connections with each other and I LOVE IT!


But, here’s the deal…

…if you don’t surround yourself with the RIGHT people, you’ll find yourself on the other side of sisterhood — the side where betrayal, cattiness, competition, threats and gossip wreak havoc on your life.   


That’s when sisterhood becomes toxic!




That’s the sisterhood I’m not here for! 


So, the question at hand is…




How do you recover from it.




Better yet, how do you keep it from happening?


Tune in to this episode and get an earful as Natty and I talk about our personal experiences with betrayal and cattiness within friendships and on offer a few suggestions so that you don’t find yourself in that same place.


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