Does being a STRONG black single mom effect how you handle a new relationship??



Does being a STRONG single mother for so long

effect how you handle a new healthy relationship?


Mailbag Episode Part ONE:

Without even thinking about this question, it’s a HARD YES.

As black women we have this thing where (in more cases that not) we want to be independent.

We want to do things on our own. We don’t like relying on others to do things for us. 

That is multiplied times three OR MORE when you are a black single mom because you’re accustomed to doing things on your own. 

When you’re a black single mom you’re often operating from that “I don’t need a man” space; which is not necessarily a bad thing, but as cliché as it sound, people need people. 

You can’t do life alone, which means you most certainly can’t be a strong black mom without the support of others.

Being independent is not a bad thing, but as cliche as it sounds, people need people…

Tune in now to see how Natty and I answered this question, along with two others that we pulled from our mail bag. 

This is part one of or mail bag episode, where we’re answering listener questions.  We had time to answer three in this episode and we’ll answer more in next week’s episode.  I hope you’ll tune in.  

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