Episode 001 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Chelsea Wallace, online business consultant and coach.  In this role, Chelsea uses her story telling and copy writing skills to help women craft strategies to execute their online marketing campaigns.  But, today she’s taking off her business hat and chatting it up with me about how guilt and shame keeps us from living our happiest lives and walking in our destines.

Some of the episode’s defining moments include:


  • Why women are afraid to embrace their emotional nakedness and how guilt and shame play a role in that
  • How guilt and shame keep us from fully enjoying life
  • How she recovered from being cheated on and the shame that came with it
  • The origin and generational curse of shame
  • Making not-so-good choices and not going into hiding afterwards
  • How to take the mask off after coming out of hiding
  • Freeing yourself from those (people and things) causing you pain and shame
  • How to begin processing and releasing the guilt and shame associated with bad choices
  • How important it is to have a trusted individual to get naked with

As you can see, this episode is jammed packed with “liquid gold”.

Seriously, Chelsea was just pouring it out ALL OVER the place as she shared her thoughts (and personal experiences) on how unresolved guilt and shame keeps us from living and enjoying life to its fullest.


Chelsea Wallace is an Online Business Consultant and Coach who helps women craft and execute their online marketing campaigns via copy writing, storytelling & 5-6 figure launches. She’s on a mission to help women share their message of transformation with the world, and so far has served over 100 women, helping them generate over $250,000 revenue.

You can find Chelsea in the following online spaces:

Website:  www.thechelseawallace.com

Facebook:  thechelseawall


Chelsea’s MOST Quotable Moment:

“The standard that we’re seeking is in the day to day breathing and living.
The becoming is in the journey, not in the destination.”


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