Strong Black Women Feel Things Too


How many times has something happened in your life and you find yourself staring in the mirror mouthing the words…

I shouldn’t be feeling this way.
Why am crying about this?
Suck it up, girl. You’re stronger than this!
Get your sh** together NOW.

When you do this, you invalidate your feelings. You have a right to feel whatever you’re feeling in any given moment. Why are you depriving yourself of that?

There’s no right or wrong way to feel when life happens. You. you feel how you feel.
Our emotions and feelings exist to teach us, to grow us and when we suppress them, invalidate them or judge them, we miss out on those opportunities.

You can be strong and be hurt.
You can be strong and feel pain.
You can be strong and cry.
You can be strong and grieve.
You can strong and crave companionship and affection.
You can be strong and be HUMAN.

You GET to do both, sis!! One ABSOULUTELY DOES NOT negate the other! So when faced with the choice of being strong and being human, do both because being strong is being human and HUMANS feel, they cry, they heal.