Teen Dating Violence

Episode 010 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Juanita Foster, Leadership & Team Development Expert, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant.  In this episode Juanita shares her story of experiencing teen dating violence while being a mother at the age of fifteen.  She recounts the first time she was hit by the father of her child, how she hid it from her family and friends while still attending school, and how she finally got out.


In this episode we see how unfortunate circumstances such as teen dating violence can take you to your breaking point, and how you can use those same circumstances to propel to your place of victory.


Growing up Juanita found herself a parent at the tender age of fifteen, taking care of siblings because her mom had succumb to drug abuse, and fighting desperately to keep the state’s Child Protective Services out of their lives.   She used that “strong black woman strength” that we all desperately cling to, to not only save her life, but to save her child’s life and the lives of her siblings.

Some of the episode’s defining moments include:

  • Being in an abusive relationship at the age of fifteen while tackling being in an abusive relationship
  • How she had to leave her son with his paternal grandmother to save their lives
  • The physical scars she’s still living with and how she overcame the emotional scars
  • How her abuser alienated her from her friends and how she ended up living with his family
  • How the strong black women in her family helped her make sure the state didn’t get involved
  • How she lied to her family and friends of about the abuse



Juanita is a Leadership & Team Development Expert, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant.

Her deep passion and commitment to leadership have led her to launch, Educate Motivate Elevate Consulting, LLC (EME Consulting). EME Consulting is committed to working with leaders and aspiring leaders on the nine pillars of leadership so that they show up powerfully and as a result, their organization experience increased profits.

Juanita received her Certification in Training and Staff Development in 2006, B.S. in Organizational Management in 2007 and M.A. in Organizational Leadership in 2009 from Wilmington University. She received her Ed. D in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University in 2016. She is also a member of Sigma National Honor Society.

Juanita is a Delaware native, a mother of three children and grandmother to two grandchildren.

You can find Juanita in the following online spaces:

Website: leadingisthenewprofit.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/drjuanita

Twitter:  @emeconsulting1

Instagram:  @Emeconsulting

Juanita’s MOST Quotable Moment:

“You don’t always have to be strongest person in the room.”

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