My strong is saying yes only when it aligns with the life I’m creating for myself.

Welcome to Day 1 of the :me-first'” series! Today, we’re tackling the dark side of saying yes. Ever felt overwhelmed and exhausted from always being the go-to person? I know I have. In this episode, I share my personal journey of learning to say no and the impact it had on my life.

I discuss why saying yes all the time can lead to burnout and stress and why it’s crucial to put yourself first. I’ll give you practical tips on how to start saying no, setting boundaries, and protecting your time and energy.

If you’re ready to stop overextending yourself and create a ‘me-first’ life, this episode is for you! Plus, learn more about our upcoming Un-caped workshop on July 30th, where we’ll dive even deeper into these strategies. Save your seat with the link in the bio or check the show notes if you’re listening on the podcast. Let’s reclaim our time and energy together!

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