My strong is confronting the mother wound with resilience and grace.

Heeeeyyy!!!  Shirl and Natty here! Today, we’re joined by Alyson Brown for a deep dive into a topic that deeply resonates with a lot of  Black women, the mother wound.

Alyson walks us through what it is, how it impacts us, and strategies for healing.

We know that navigating the complexities of our relationships with our mothers can be challenging; and society often portrays Black women as strong and invincible, but we’re here to acknowledge that we also carry wounds that need healing.

Episode Highlights:

  • Defining the Mother Wound: We discuss what the mother wound is and how it manifests in our lives, shaping our identities and relationships.
  • Navigating and Healing: Our guest, Alyson Brown, shares her personal journey of navigating and healing from the mother wound, offering insights and wisdom.
  • Perpetuating the Strong Black Woman Trope: We explore how the mother wound contributes to the strong Black woman stereotype, affecting our mental health and well-being.
  • Correlation with Religion: Alyson shines a light on how religious upbringing can influence our relationships with our mothers and our views on strength and vulnerability.

Join us for this heartfelt conversation as we acknowledge the complexities of the mother wound and explore pathways to healing. This episode is a reminder that it’s okay to confront our vulnerabilities and seek healing, ultimately embracing our strength as Black women.

Alyson Brown is the creator of Healing From A Mother Wound, and the host of Shades of Brown Podcast. She is a mother wound healing coach who advocates for emotional wellness & healthy family relationships. She’s been featured on the Woman Evolve podcast and honored by Impact Magazine. Alyson is quite intentional about being a safe space for anyone she interacts with, and her podcast and mother wound healing coaching are extensions of that – safe spaces where people are seen, heard, and valued.

Connect with Alyson Brown:

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