The Strong Black Woman and White Privilege


Dear oppressors of the STRONG BLACK WOMAN:

Don’t tell me to be myself, but in the same breath say, “Girl!!! Not like that”.

Don’t tell me how to feel. How to respond. How to live.

Don’t tell me what to say. What to wear. How to pray.

Let me be me. Let me do me. Let me live free

… in all of my vulnerability without you sitting in the corner judging me!

This episode of Get Naked LIVE features, Amy Brooks who is not afraid to tell the world that white privilege DOES INDEED EXIST.  She and I had such an amazing time chatting it up about the differences in the experiences of white women vs. those of black women, the expectations of society from black women in their personal and business lives and what we can all do to bridge the gap.

Amy Brooks gets naked about white privilege in America


“White women in particular have the privilege to opt in or out of conversations— opt in or opt out of the struggle, the fight for justice and difficult conversations. Everything just feels really optional for white women…”

Some of the episode’s defining moments include:

  • The white woman’s experience vs that of the African American Woman
  • The STRONG BLACK WOMAN in and outside the board room
  • Bridging the gap in race relations and embracing human connection
  • That moment when her bi-racial son labeled her as “another white woman yelling at black boys”
  • Normalizing mixed faces and modeling authentic connections despite our differences



Amy Brooks is a book coach and author who helps wannabe writers get out of their own way. She encourages everyone to figure out their story and share their wisdom. She founded VoicePenPurpose Publishing to help individuals embrace their voice, pick up their pen, and step into their purpose. After moving her family to Costa Rica and holding Writing for Change retreats there, she and her family have recently resettled in Maryland. She works with clients online and in small workshops. Learn more at VoicePenPurpose.com.

You can find Amy in the following online spaces:

Facebook:  Voice Pen Purpose Publishing and  Amy Brooks

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