Look at this gorgeous girl out here on the beach looking all happy and free.

The weather has changed a bit here in the SIP, so you probably won’t find Tracy Jones on the beach today, but she is still out here living her best life and that’s why we’re highlighting her as this week’s STRONG BLACK WOMAN CRUSH!

Yup!!  This girl’s life SCREAMS, “I AM STRONG! I AM BLACK! I AM WOMAN!



Tracy (Ms. Tracy if you’re crushing) has the spirit of a guardian angel.  But don’t let her meekness fool you; Ms. Tracy will get you all the way together in a swift second just like she did when CANCER came for her life!

Yep! Cancer came for her and she said, “NOT TODAY” every single day until it ran in the opposite direction!

But we’re not crushing on her just because she sent cancer packing.  We’re crushing on her because she didn’t succumb to that I don’t want nobody in my business drama.

You see the STRONG BLACK WOMAN as we’ve known her, has the tendency to shut down and alienate herself when tragedy strikes. She doesn’t want to think about it.  She’d rather pretend that it’s not happening. She just wants to be done with it – whatever IT is; but not Ms. Tracy.

She knew that she would need the support of her family and friends to beat this disease that had invaded her body.

So instead of shutting people out, she invited them in.

She embraced the priceless gift of true friendship as her family and friends rallied behind her and made sure she went lacking for nothing – spiritually, emotionally, physically or financially.  She wasn’t afraid to say, “I’m not okay.”  She wasn’t afraid to say, “I need help”.

She didn’t let the need for privacy keep her from feeling
and experiencing love that is unconditional.


…and she doesn’t just live her life like that when facing a traumatic event.  THIS IS  A LIFESTYLE for her!  Not only does she accept love and kindness freely, she reciprocates it!  That is what being STRONG is all about.

Ms. Tracy, you’ve been crushed.  Thank you for having the courage to ask for what you want AND need, and for giving yourself permission to have it.

Take your rightful place as Queen, my dear because you’ve earned it!

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