My strong is revealing the truth about mental health.

Today, we’re joined by Donnita Hathaway, daughter of the legendary musician Donny Hathaway and founder of the Donny Hathaway Legacy Project, for a thoughtful conversation about navigating the many faces of mental health. In this episode, we discuss the complexities of mental health, focusing on unmasking mental health challenges and the significance of seeking support and building community. Just as Donny Hathaway’s music unmasked deep emotions and truths, Donnita continues his legacy by shedding light on mental health challenges and the importance of seeking support and building community. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The Hidden Struggles: Donnita shares intimate stories of hidden struggles with mental health, reflecting on key moments that have influenced her life and well-being, particularly her experiences with her mother and father.
  • The Importance of Community: Discussion on the critical role of community support in fostering resilience and connection, and how to build a strong support network.
  • Lifespan Perspectives: Insights into how mental health concerns vary across different life stages, from childhood to older adulthood, and the tailored support needed.

Join us for this insightful conversation on unmasking the complexities of mental health and the power of community in navigating life’s challenges.

Donnita Hathaway is the founder of the Donny Hathaway Legacy Project, which is dedicated to the memory of her father, soul singer and songwriter Donny Hathaway. This organization provides holistic mental and emotional health-related education, advocacy and essential resources that are culturally relevant and accessible to support creative artists, Black communities and young people.

Connect with Donnita:  Instagram: @donnitacamille & @donnyhathawaylp

Links mentioned: Donny Hathaway Legacy Project 

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