The Most Important Person in Your Life

As Black women we are born nurturers,  but because of life’s circumstances we have a skewed perception of what that means; but even more that life’s circumstances, our perception of what it means to be nurturers can be greatly contributed to learned behavior dating back to childhood. 

And that learned behavior dates back to the days of slavery.  The slave owners and their wives taught us that everybody’s health and wellness was more important than the health and wellness of the Black woman. Our ancestors passed those lessons down to us and now we’re passing them down to our children by continuing to do life the way our parents and grand parents did.

Somebody’s gotta do life differently because if we don’t we’re going to continue to pass this down to generations to come.

Do you really want to your children, your daughters running themselves ragged to do ALL THE THINGS for the ALL THE PEOPLE? Of course not.  So, let’s have a conversation about how you can start embracing the fact that YOU are the MOST important person in your life.