My strong is  “resolute and standing firmly in my truth” Angela Bassett. 

They tell us to take risks – take lots of them. They tell us not to settle for mediocrity – fight for the life we want. So, we do! We fight with everything in us – not being easily intimidated. Not letting people walk all over us. We boldly speak up against unfairness and injustices in our personal and business lives.

We have the audacity to sit at the table where we’ve rightfully earned our seats. We fought! We pushed! We refused to be silenced!

And…now we’ve been labeled the ANGRY BLACK WOMAN. 

Every Black woman in America has been called ANGRY at least once in her lifetime, but Black women ain’t out here angry for nothing. Tap in to this week’s encore episode as we shine a light on how the angry Black woman label originated, how it’s  been used for centuries to silence us and why it’s okay to be justifiably angry without fear of being judged.



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